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What is Vinyl Flooring?Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is made up of a durable plastic called polyvinyl chloride. While it has been around for a while, this material has recently gained popularity in home construction projects for its ability to mimic the look and texture of wood floors and ceramic tiles. New wear-resistant coatings and other technological advancements have brought vinyl flooring to the foreground as a viable flooring alternative to wood and ceramic products.

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Lower price tag

These floors are much more affordable than the organic products they resemble. Vinyl flooring gives our customers the ability to choose the aesthetics they want without sacrificing their wallets in the process.

Customized durability

With vinyl, you can tailor the durability of your floor to the amount of traffic it will take. A kitchen that has a high amount of foot traffic and deals with kids and pets could use a higher grade of this type of flooring than a less-used bathroom. It’s also relatively good with spills, compared to laminate flooring.

What do we offer?

High End ProductsVinyl 2

Check out a couple of our trusted vinyl flooring manufacturers online, whose products we carry in our Peoria showroom:

Mannington Residential
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Exceptional Installation

Because the main lure of vinyl flooring is its affordability, many people are tempted to install the product themselves because it can be glued or cut into place. However, we at Sutton believe that the installation is just as important as the flooring itself. The time and frustration it might take to self-install may not be worth the money you save in the long run.

Consider our experienced team of installation professionals. We at Sutton adhere to the highest quality standards and are ready to install your vinyl flooring into your home or business today. We know what to do. We’ve done it before. And we’ll give you a free cost estimate beforehand so you know exactly how much our services would be.

Rely on Sutton Carpet Center for your vinyl flooring needs. Our reputation has always backed up the value of the products and services we offer. Contact us online or stop by our showroom today:

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