Project Description

LaminateWhat is laminate flooring?

Similar to vinyl flooring, laminate flooring is engineered to act as an extremely realistic alternative to wood, stone and ceramic flooring. It’s essentially a high quality printed image captured under a clear top surface. Unlike vinyl flooring, laminate has a softer feel to it when you walk on it because of the thickness of the product, its partial wood content and under-layer of foam.

Why choose laminate flooring?


This type of flooring are much less expensive than organic woods, ceramics or stone. It gives our customers the ability to choose the style and look they want without going bankrupt in the process.

What do we deliver?

High End Products

Check out a couple of our trusted laminate flooring manufacturers online, whose products we carry in our Peoria showroom:

Outstanding Installation

Because the allure of laminate flooring is its low price, many people are tempted to install the product themselves. However, we at Sutton believe that the installation can make or break your flooring; it can either enhance or damage the value of your home. The time and frustration it might cost you to self-install may not be worth the money you save in the long haul.

Remember that at Sutton Carpet Center, we have an experienced team of installation professionals ready to work for you. We at Sutton adhere to the highest quality standards with any installation. Let us install your laminate flooring into your home or business today. We know what to do. We’ve done it before. And we’ll give you a free cost estimate beforehand so there aren’t any surprises later.

Trust Sutton Carpet Center for your laminate flooring needs. We have a reputation for treating our customers right. We’ll make sure you get best service and products available in Central Illinois.

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