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Wood FlooringWhy choose hardwood flooring?

The timeless beauty of a hardwood floor is hard to beat. Each wood floor has its own character, its own grain patterns, and its own charm. At Sutton Carpet Center, we know the appeal of hardwood flooring. It’s our job to make sure you have the most refined options available, whether you’re going for that rustic cabin look or that high polished gloss factor.

House value

Aside from the sense of intimacy it adds to your home, a hardwood floor also improves the value of your house. Hardwood floor products are some of the most sought out products in remodeling and new home construction for this very reason.

Indoor health

hardwood flooringYour health is an important factor to consider when looking for the best flooring selection. The Environmental Protection Agency has deemed indoor air quality to be one of the top health concerns of our day. Hardwood flooring does not harbor harmful molds, mites or dust, which have the possibility of collecting in other flooring alternatives. Air quality is an important attribute to consider in any home or commercial space when an estimated 35 million people in this country suffer from allergies.

What do we offer?

High End Products

hardwood flooringCheck out a couple of our trusted hardwood flooring manufacturers online, whose products we carry in our Peoria showroom:

Mannington Residential
And more!

Exceptional Installation
At Sutton Carpet Center, our installers provide the highest quality installation in the home and businesses of our valued customers. And we’ve seen our attention to detail pay off: Our customer approval ratings back up the value of the products and services we offer.

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