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The year was 1938 when Sutton Carpet was founded. The March of Dimes was established to fight polio, and boxer Joe Louis held the heavyweight championship. The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Toronto Maple Leafs for the Stanley Cup. Superman made his first appearance in DC Comics. Howard Hughes flew around the world in 91 hours, and Orson Welles caused panic across the nation with his War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

In Peoria, Cecil Sutton decided to go into business for himself and founded Sutton Carpet Co. His brother Walt, an upholsterer, told Cecil “your hands are too big for upholstery work. You should be a carpet installer.”

The original Sutton Carpet Center was located at 1828 Sheridan Rd, near Nebraska. An article published in a local magazine at the time wondered how Sutton would attract customers at this “way out north” location. Cecil knew that good service, quality products, and fair prices would bring people in the door and keep them coming back. This has continued to be Suttons’ philosophy. We owe much of our success to loyal, longtime customers.

Before the invention of broadloom goods, carpet was available only in 27” widths. The seaming iron in use today was an invention of the future. Cecil would hand sew pieces together making a room size carpet to be installed in the customer’s home.

As the business grew, so did the Sutton family. Cecil’s sons came to work in the family business as they finished school and serving in the military. By the 1950s sons Richard, Robert, Eugene and Wayne were handling sales and installations. Additional installers included Don Crusen Sr., Jimmy Crusen, Ray Sutton, and others.1948

In the late 1960’s Cecil retired to his beloved backyard garden. He died in 1975. Richard’s son Dan joined the business in 1977 as an installer and later as the estimator. In 1980 Suttons moved from the original building on Sheridan to a new building just north of Nebraska at 1902 Sheridan. Richard and Wayne retired during the 1980s leaving the business to their brother Eugene.
In 1990 Suttons moved again to our current location on McClure Ave, former home of Ben Schwartz IGA grocery store. We added a new warehouse in 1992.

Eventually, Eugene retired and left the reigns to the “youngsters.” Dan’s son David Sutton soon joined the business, working in the warehouse and now is responsible for the finances as well as pricing and products. David, fourth generation family members, now work with Dan in carrying on the Sutton legacy of premium products and personalized service one can only find at a family owned business. Richard used to say, “If you want to buy shoes, go to a shoe store.” If you want expert help in floor covering, come to Sutton Carpet Center.

The Family Difference

For more than 75 years, Sutton Carpet Center has been rolling out the red carpet for our Central Illinois customers. In a business that has passed from father to son for generations, we know the value of treating people well. Over the years, we have always sold and installed the best quality carpets and flooring available.

You’ll see the family difference when you visit our showroom. Our installers and salespeople know flooring like the back of their hands. They are truly experts in flooring, having grown up around it all their lives. Their trustworthiness and professionalism at Sutton Carpet Center are beyond reproach, as any of our loyal customers will tell you, because our family name is on the line. It’s not just a business at Sutton. It’s a lifestyle. You can trust we have the experience and drive to meet any of your flooring needs.

It’s easy to see the difference our family touch makes. We know you aren’t just buying a carpet, tiles or hardwood floor: You’re making a home. You’re personalizing a space. We get that. We strive to give you the best and we know it pays off! Word-of-mouth has always been our best form of advertisement. Let us prove our reputation to you. We won’t let you down.

RichardWhat can Sutton do for you?

Sutton Carpet Centers offers a wide variety of flooring options. We carry an excellent selection of products and the means it takes to install them.

Here are the items you’ll see in our showroom:

Area rugs
Hardwood flooring
Vinyl flooring and decorative tile
Laminate flooring
• Ceramic and other stock materials

Our services:

Installation– Allow us to install your flooring for you. We specialize in residential and commercial flooring. Our expert installation crew has years of experience, which ensures that the job will be done well.

Free estimates– We provide customers a free comprehensive estimate for their flooring installations. We want to do a good job for you and charge you a fair price for it- no surprises.

Contact us for your flooring needs at Sutton Carpet Center showroom today!